Join our Buyers Club!

This program is affordable, convenient and absolutely delicious. Becoming a member in the Good Food Buyers Club allows you easy access to local produce, proteins and farm fresh specialty items --- all at great prices. You can choose from both organically and conventionally grown menus of items. smallgoodfoodfamilyfarms

The Good Food Family Farms brand is food grown by farmers in a cooperative with Good Food for Good People. Regular farm visits, production planning and inspections assure the consumer that their food is raised in farming systems that abide by the highest organically/naturally grown standards. This food is free of synthetic chemicals and GMO inputs and carries the Good Food seal of inspection and approval.


The Love Local brand features food from farms in our immediate region who raise food using conventional farming methods. This may include the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, GMO (genetically modified organism) inputs and even some anti-biotics. In other words, it is grown like the food most of us eat every day. The differences are that we know the farmers, we monitor them and encourage the best farming practices and as much as 90% of what you pay goes directly to the farmer.

There are foods that all people should have access to that belong in all healthy diets. Nuts, whole grains, greens, fruit and legumes make the base of a healthy food pyramid. Whether they are locally grown or not, in season or not, they are vital to health. This line of offerings were selected by a highly qualified seasoned dietitian. Buying these items in bulk and breaking them into smaller quantities is our way of making them available and affordable. We hope you will give our healthy and affordable foods a try.

As a member of the buying club, you have direct access to a large cooperative of farms and receive a professionally selected collection of seasonally fresh and currently delicious food. There is also a large stable of local food artists who offer their wares to our club. By joining others, your support of local farms multiplies and assures a healthy local food system. Let us know if we can help you find something you don't see listed! It is your club and we're always happy to help make it better.